At Penta, we work with schools in the UK and all around the globe. Although based in the UK, we service the needs of educational professionals from east to west.
Our high-quality service is offered in a friendly personalised manner with which we aim to meet, and then exceed the expectations of all our clients.

Penta International
In the UK

We provide training, consultancy, managment and inspection services throughout the United Kingdom. 

We are able to provide the very best in training, for example in ICT, in middle manager development and in monitoring processes.

Our consultants work at government, authority, school or classroom level: recent work has included behaviour management programmes for individual pupils, reformulation of Special Educational Needs funding formula, service marketing and supporting inexperienced management teams.

Penta International offers training in inspection skills, both at introductory level suitable for middle managers in schools, and focused on supporting the self-evaluation process, aimed at senior managers.

Penta International

Although based in the United Kingdom, Penta International does more than half of its work overseas. 

We provide inspection, training and consultancy services throughout the world. For example, Penta International personnel have worked in the Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Singapore, Swaziland, Switzerland and the United States of America.

We have particular interests in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region of the Middle East, in Africa, in Europe, in South America and in Asia.

Penta is proud to work closely with the British Schools of the Middle East Association, the Federation of British School in Asia, the Latin American Heads Conference, the National Association of British Schools in Spain and the Association of International Schools in Africa.

British School Caracas

The British School, Caracas

"What do we think went well? Personable, serious, questioning, thorough"
"The visiting team seemed to be a just that, a team. They worked very well together and were all on the same page."
"What do we think went well? Personable, serious, questioning, thorough"
"The inspectors were friendly and courteous and at the same time throughout the entire experience"