Our Clients

We are proud of all the schools, agencies and government departments that we work with. Here is a small selection.
Newton international academy
"The visiting team seemed to be a just that, a team. They worked very well together and were all on the same page."
British School Caracas
"What do we think went well? Personable, serious, questioning, thorough"
Egypt British School
"We appreciated the professional attitude of all team members."
British School Alexandria
"The inspectors were friendly and courteous and at the same time throughout the entire experience."
King's College, The British School of Murcia
"We very much enjoyed the openness of the process and the continuous dialogue. Sharing the lesson observations was extremely useful, but also encouraging from our perspective. At no stage did we feel that the inspection was being 'done to us' - as I have experienced in the past. The staff felt very comfortable with the inspectors present and the team was courteous at all times. The report was very useful and provided some good points upon which we need to work and also was, we felt, an accurate reflection of where we feel our school is on its journey."
Gulf English School, Kuwait
"The inspection team were friendly and put us at ease from the beginning. The overall inspection went well and any advice they provided was very helpful in order for us to improve as a school. They observed quite a lot of lessons across the whole school and they confirmed that our SEF was spot on which shows we are on the right track and working towards improving the school. The team overall were very approachable, friendly and open to answering to any concerns we had: like a working dialogue which we found very useful."
English College In Prague
"Good inspection experience. In particular, Mark understands the context of the school and is able to judge the school within that context, something which we value very highly. We are were left with three quite useful targets and a report that was fair and help sell the school. The high number of lesson observations was a real positive, although the very few that didn't get seen felt a little disappointed, not to have included! The pre-inspection visit was valuable and the willingness for the inspectors to engage with our document sharing system within the SEF was good. We are looking forward to the next inspection"